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Message From The Artist

I started creating coin jewelry in 2011 and have personally challenged myself to improve in my craft since. Every piece is creating from inspiration from daily life, hikes in the mountains, seasons of the year, or beautiful moments in life. I love this craft, working with my hands to create beautiful things. Some have stories to go with them, some don't. Each one I strive to be unique and unlike anything or anyone else. My only goal in this is to constantly be better than I was yesterday. To make every day a creative joy. If you are here with me on this journey, welcome and thank you for your encouragement and support. I appreciate you all greatly!

Lora Lee

Handcrafted in North East Louisiana, USA

Lora Lee's Artisan Original Jewelry is completely hand crafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques and tools.  Working with ethically sourced raw, recycled and reclaimed materials, her unique designs come to life one hammer blow, one stroke of the saw, and one touch of the torch. From her hands to yours.