Emerald CZ and Sterling Silver Ring Hand Made by Lora Lee

Posted by Lora Lee Yelverton on

It's not perfect, it has flaws. I learned so much from making this one. I can't wait to make another.
The band was sand cast using recycled sterling silver. None of my silver scrap goes to waste here. I melt it down and use it for other projects just like this ring band.
The stone setting was all hand fabricated. Emerald CZ's make great practice stones. Can take a lot of abuse. I love the color in it.
I used my dremel to engrave the details in the band. I just love how it all came together. Things like this thrill me because it pushes my limits of what I've been doing and shows me that I can do even better, create even better, and grow even more.
There is always something to learn in metalsmithing.


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