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The hammer and anvil have been my outlet. With every hammer fall I am constructively working through my feelings and thoughts. Venting and letting go of all the things I can not change. Things I have no control over. Refocusing and in the process creating something beautiful out of it all.

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Handmade may not be fast but it's because of the time and attention to detail we put into every single process to create a beautifully crafted item. Worth the wait. Quality over fast fashion. I'm for handmade and slow fashion because how it's made matters.

See a peek into just a little of the work that goes into hand piercing metal for jewelry. In this case earrings will be made out of the final cut pieces.

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I recently started making these little roses and wanted to share how I do it.

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Liwet - The angel of innovation and creativity. A fitting name for this creation. I made this sculpture in 2013.

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