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Do you know the quote “Love gives you wings”? Well, my love story is different. My name is Lora Lee and my love gave me roots. This is the story of my metalsmith journey. 

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When I first met my husband he wore this wooden tree pendant all the time. When I inquired about it, he told me he had carved it by hand and had been wearing it for years. 
He quit wearing it awhile back and I thought about it the other day, wondering where it was. I dug around and found it. I cast it in sterling silver for him. It weighs 26 grams. He loved it. 

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Years ago I met a young woman that made clay items. I got a pendant and earrings with these little voodoo dolls on them from her. She made all kinds of cool items. She died of cancer. Too young. Leaving two small children and a husband. I think of her often. Recently the clay had gotten tacky and was looking bad so I decided to use her creations to make a silver version that I could continue to wear in her memory. R.I.P. Charity. You are not forgotten. This piece is not for sale.  

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There are so many distractions in life. Things to think about, see, understand or worry about. Sometimes it all becomes so overwhelming and hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have learned over the years to stop, refocus my thoughts and actions, to put them towards positive things instead of the negatives. If I can't control it, LET IT GO. I can't control anything but myself. I am in charge of my actions and my thoughts. So it's up to me to change how those things affect me and the people around me. 

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As a small business owner, artist, and just a human I have days where I doubt what I am doing. I doubt that it is worth doing tomorrow or the next day. I doubt my skills, I doubt my efforts. I see very few sales during the holidays and take it as a personal reflection on my work and what I have spent the past 5 years learning and creating. But here's the thing about doubt....and fear. You can't listen to it. You can't let it stop you. I have a fire inside that is forever burning. Some days it...

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