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As a small business owner, artist, and just a human I have days where I doubt what I am doing. I doubt that it is worth doing tomorrow or the next day. I doubt my skills, I doubt my efforts. I see very few sales during the holidays and take it as a personal reflection on my work and what I have spent the past 5 years learning and creating. But here's the thing about doubt....and fear. You can't listen to it. You can't let it stop you. I have a fire inside that is forever burning. Some days it...

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So every time I start thinking about how maybe I should just quit all this nonsense and do something “useful”. I look back at where I was 5 years ago. I look at the custom work I created for people and I remember why I do what I do. Why I work non stop every single day. Why I wear my body out physically to create just one hand hammered piece. Why I continue to push and learn new techniques to better my skills and creations. I remember that I have a passion. I have a love for life that needs to be shared. And in sharing that passion, maybe, just maybe it will inspire one other person to keep following their dreams.

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