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How I Left Etsy Behind and Built My Customer Base.

How I Left Etsy Behind and Built My Customer Base.
I just wanted to share how moving from Etsy helped me. Don't be afraid of change. It is sometimes the start of an amazing adventure. I left Etsy in 2013 due to them closing my shop down with no warning and wanting me to give detailed descriptions and photos on a ring I had made. Now it took me years to learn the skills I needed to make that ring and it was original. I had never seen anything like it anywhere. I refused to share that information with them. There were already stories being shared about artists' work being copied overseas and even in the USA and I didn't want to show anyone else how I made that specific item. So I closed my Etsy shop and walked away. Created my own website.

My Metalsmith Journey Started With Coins

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Do you know the quote “Love gives you wings”? Well, my love story is different. My name is Lora Lee and my love gave me roots. This is the story of my metalsmith journey.