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This project started with a wedding invitation, the client wanted something similar made using it for design inspiration. It had a tree on it and the leaves were fleur de lis shapes. I also was given a jade carved serving tray that she wanted used for the back ground. So with this in mind I went to work. I drew out the design, sharing it back and forth with the client, working thru some modifications. We finally settled on a design and I went to work. Once I had the tree cut out, I started hammering the texture. I used a...

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An acorn from our Granddaddy Oak tree in our yard here in Louisiana. The ground is always covered with them every year. I used Craig Dabler's sandcasting kit to cast this one in sterling silver. I save all my scraps of silver from different projects and use them to cast things like this. So no metal goes to waste in my shop. Every bit is saved to use in casting new items. Recycling is Beautiful.

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I planted my feet here in Louisiana and have created my business and this passion for metalwork because of that simple coin ring he gifted me. Those trees, unfortunately, were lost during a storm this past year but the love story continues. This is the love that I hope to share through my creations. My tree designs were created with that love in my heart, my hands, and my spirit. From my hands to yours, I cherish each piece I send out into the world.

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When I first met my husband he wore this wooden tree pendant all the time. When I inquired about it, he told me he had carved it by hand and had been wearing it for years. 
He quit wearing it awhile back and I thought about it the other day, wondering where it was. I dug around and found it. I cast it in sterling silver for him. It weighs 26 grams. He loved it. 

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