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Sharing a behind the scenes on how I made these Axe Pendants. From carving the wax to casting and clean up.

Hope you enjoy.


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I carved this Baseball Cross out of wax and used this to create a sterling silver version. Sandcasting is great fun and it's always exciting at the end to open it up and see the results. Now it just needs some clean up, a jump ring bail added and ready to go.

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I love tiny leaves. They always make me think about my garden, watching little seeds sprout through the dirt. Every day you can see they have grown just a bit more. We are like that too. Everyday we have a chance to grow as a person or to wither. I choose to grow. I choose to immerse myself in things that bring me joy. To surround myself with people that inspire and uplift me. I hope you choose to grow where ever you are in life.  

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From carving the wax to casting, this is the process I use. I use hand tools to carve the wax and to clean it up after it is cast. I enjoy the slow process. The care and attention to detail. It may be slow but it's a joy I look forward to daily. Truly satisfying to create from raw scrap to a beautiful finished piece.

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