Triple Strand Hammered Silver Cuff - Custom Order

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Sterling Silver Multi-Strand Cuff. The look of a bangle set without the sizing issues. 3 strands, 6 inches in length. It's so comfortable and light on the wrist. Perfect for everyday wear. 

This is a Custom Order- Made for you when you order. 3 strands of sterling silver wire are hand hammered and cut to the perfect length for YOU! These strands are then attached together by silver wire that has the tiniest little balls on the ends. This is done by using the torch to melt the wire ends....carefully....too much heat and you melt it and ruin the piece. Patience and serious attention to detail go into this process! 

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery on this cuff. I will work with you on sizing to create the perfect cuff for your wrist, this takes time but it is worth it! Handmade is priceless when it comes to a custom piece that you will wear daily. 

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