Lora Lee Artist

My Passion!

I have never in my life found such joy and intrigue in learning as I have with metalwork. There is always a new technique to master, a new design to create.  I love figuring out all the different ways to create using my hands. I'll never have beautiful nails again but I take great pride in the work I can create and be proud of. I value quality and craftsmanship and put it into each piece I make.

Cut Coin Pendants

Started creating cut coin jewelry around 2011. I started out making coin rings and wanted to do more with coins so I learned how to use a jewelers saw. I still love cutting intrict designs today.

Close the deal

I do a lot of custom pieces which thrills me. To take someones idea, or one of my own, and turn it into something beautiful and artistic that you can hold in your hand. Something that has special memories attached or future dreams. That is truly inspiring.