Everything is handcrafted in my little shop in North East Louisiana!

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I'd be more than happy to discuss anything about custom work, questions about any of my products, classes I offer, etc.


Questions I get...

Do I offer payment plans? Yes I do. Simply choose LayBuy at checkout. This is a payment plan offered thru PayPal.

Do I ship outside the USA?  If you live out side the USA, I will gladly work with you to figure out the cost of shipping. Message me!

How do I order a custom piece? It's as simple as just sending me a message. Tell me your ideas. Together we will work with them to create something in your budget that you will love.

Why do custom orders take up to two week for delivery? In most cases they don't take longer than a week depending on what supplies I need. I order everything from USA based companies so generally have my materials in hand with in a few days from placing an order. A few more days for creation and the item is on it's way to you. Rarely do I have a problem with materials not being right and in those cases I would have to return the supplies, reorder and wait for shipping again. I give 2 weeks as my shipping date just in case this happens.

Why don't I upgrade my packaging to something a bit fancier? I personally try to keep the packaging as nice and inexpensive as I can. I don't want to charge you more for something you are just going to throw away.