Bonfire Mixed Metal Pendant - Custom Orders

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She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart! <3

This mixed metal pendant is a beautiful reminder of how our light can spread. This was inspired by a friend telling me she loved visiting with me because I always light her up when we visit. I strive to encourage, uplift and inspire anyone I talk to. I've watched the people around me bloom and grow happier with life over time by doing this. Surrounding yourself with people that make you feel loved, that encourage you, and are there for you will make your whole world feel better and brighter. 

We have bonfires with our friends, we sit and talk for hours out there. We star gaze and enjoy the beautiful moon when it's out. Wearing this pendant reminds me of those connections and of how special they are. We need those kinds of moments in our life. You can have those moments too! You might only have a small spark....but you can ignite a bonfire in others with it. Be an Igniter! Share your fire with the world, one heart at a time! 

Pendant is sterling silver and copper, each piece is hand cut, hammered, engraved and soldered. The "moon" is a sea "opal" and has the most beautiful colors in it. This pendant is 7/8 ths wide and 1 5/8 ths inch long. Comes on a stainless steel chain, but you can add it to any of your favorite chains or cording. 

These pendants are custom orders, please be aware that there will be 10-14 days needed for the creating process involved before shipping this item. No two will ever be just alike due to the handcrafted nature of this pendant. 

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